Installing WP Quick Provision

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Install from your WordPress admin panel

WP Quick Provision is a WordPress plugin, so you can install it right from your WordPress admin panel.

Go to your Admin Panel -> Plugins -> Add new and type WP Quick Provision on the search box on top right corner

Great, now you can see the plugin in suggested plugin list, click on "Install" and activate it, and you're done!

Update the plugin from plugin repository

If this plugin is already installed on your setup, you can update it from your plugins page, which can be accessed by clicking on "Plugins" in your admin panel. You can see WP Quick Provision telling you to update it. Simply click on "update now" and it's done!

Or you can search "WP Quick Plugin" in your "Add New" menu under the Plugins, and search for "WP Quick Provision". If your currently installed version is behind the latest version, you will be prompted to update it from right there. Click on "Update Now" and WordPress will take care of it.